It is very good idea that Apple embrace the heic image format, but at the same time it this makes difficult to open iPhone captured images on your windows PC. For print, edit most of the software asks for jpg, jpeg or png format. Even if you managed to view your heic on pc, it may be problematic to printing and editing the photos.

There are lots of website and tools to view open your heic images. It is very unsecured to upload your private photo over the internet . Websites conversion process takes long time to convert your photo. So it is almost impossible to convert batch conversion on online converter. There are lots of application to convert heic to other format. But they are overpriced and need tutorials or instruction to use them. SoftPard tech Provides you a very easy, simple tool to convert your heic photos at very minimal cost just at $ 0.99 !

So, How to convert HEIC to JPG on PC?

1. Get the app from Microsoft Store:

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Get app from app store

2. Open app and select the heic file/s then click convert :

Heic to jpg select screenshot
Select heic files

3. Completed! now you can view your images or open output folder:

Heic image converter tool